The Iron Banner is a crucible event where level advantages are enabled. You gain reputation by competing in Iron Banner matches to gain access to armor and weapons as you rank up. Originally you were able to gain bonus reputation by equipping Iron Banner Emblems, Shaders, and Class Items, as well as an additional buff called Tempering that granted you an increasing amount of bonus reputation depending on the day of the week. It was a lot of numbers and made being efficient in Iron Banner a difficult task. This website was created to help alleviate those difficulties.

With the release of Rise of Iron in September 2016, Bungie made dramatic changes to simplify Iron Banner. This means you no longer have to worry about equipping the correct items and what day of the week you need to play to make the most of your time. Even though the math may be simplified, this site can still help you plan your week so that you can be more efficient in how you spend your time in Iron Banner.

How to use this site

Enter your username and your Iron Banner ranking will be pulled from Bungie's API. Clicking on your character's emblem will let you select between your three characters.
The site is split into two parts: a calculator and weekly planner.

The calculator allows you to enter your desired rank, as well as the number of bounties you will complete and the items you have equipped. And will calculate the number of matches you need to complete in order to acheive your desired rank. By entering the match time (which has a default value of 12 minutes which I have found to be a good estimate of match length + matchmaking times) it will also calculate how much time it will take you. The Minimum time is based on no losses at all, while the Maximum time makes the assumption that you will go 5 losses before every win. While it is possible to have a losing streak go for more than 5 matches, you stop receiving medallions after 5 losses. The Average time assumes that you have a 50% win rate.

The Weekly Planner allows you to plan how many matches and bounties you will complete on a given day of the week so that you can see what your rank will be at the end of different days of the week.

How Iron Banner Works:

Wins and Medallions
With every Iron Banner match that you win, you will gain 250 reputation towards the Iron Banner. If you lose a match, you will earn an Medallion of Iron. You can hold up to 5 medallions at a time and on your next win the medallions will be turned in for 150 additional rep. So, if you lose one match and then win the next, you will gain a total of 400 reputation.

In addition to the reputation from winning matches and medallions, Lord Saladin will also offer 3 Daily Bounties and 4 Weekly Bounties for additional reputation. The following are the possible bounties that are available:

Bounties - Daily

Daily Bounties are TBD!

Bounties - Weekly

  • Iron Marathon - Earn 100 points by playing Iron Banner. Match Complete = 5, Match Win = 10.
  • Iron Arsenal - Earn 100 points with weapon kills at the Iron Banner. Primary = 1, Special = 2, Heavy = 5.
  • Iron Support - Earn 100 points supporting your teammates at the Iron Banner. Assisted Kills = 1, Avenger Kills = 3, Allies Defended = 5.
  • Iron Light - Earn 100 points with ability kills at the Iron Banner. Grenade = 2, Melee = 3, Super = 5.

Alt Character Buff
This bonus is for getting your second or third character caught up to your first, and is automatically applied. Your second/third character must have a minimum of Rank 1, and must have a lower rank than your first character. Once you have met those conditions, all reputation gains are doubled (a 100% increase) on that character on top of all the other bonuses from equipped items and Tempering until it catches up to the rank of your first character.

Lord Saladin's Inventory

Rank 1

Item Type Cost
Iron Pride Emblem 1000 Glimmer

Rank 2

Item Type Cost
Million Million Shader 1000 Glimmer

Rank 3

Item Type Light Level Cost
Iron Camelot Bond (PS Exclusive) Warlock Class Item 280 40 Marks
Wolfswood Bond Warlock Class Item 280 40 Marks
Iron Camelot Cloak (PS Exclusive) Hunter Class Item 280 40 Marks
Wolfswood Cloak Hunter Class Item 280 40 Marks
Iron Camelot Mark (PS Exclusive) Titan Class Item 280 40 Marks
Wolfswood Mark Titan Class Item 280 40 Marks

Rank 4

Item Type Light Level Cost
Colovance's Duty Scout Rifle 280 90 Marks
Iron Companion Vestments Warlock Chest Armor 280 40 Marks
Iron Companion Vest Hunter Chest Armor 280 40 Marks
Iron Companion Plate Titan Chest Armor 280 40 Marks

Rank 5

Item Type Light Level Cost
Ashraven's Flight Fusion Rifle 280 90 Marks
The Ironwood Tree Emblem - 1000 Glimmer
Goldspiral Shader - 1000 Glimmer

Iron Banner Weapons - Available as drops starting Rank 2

Finalla's Peril Hand Cannon
Haakon's Hatchet Auto Rifle
Nirwen's Mercy Pulse Rifle
Colovance's Duty Scout Rifle
Weyloran's March Sniper Rifle
Ashraven's Flight Fusion Rifle
Ironwreath-D Sidearm
Deidris's Retort Shotgun
Tormod's Bellows Rocket Launcher
Bretomart's Stand Machine Gun

Iron Banner Armor - Available as drops starting Rank 2

Warlock Hunter Titan
Iron Companion Hood Iron Companion Mask Iron Companion Helm
Iron Companion Vestments Iron Companion Vest Iron Companion Plate
Iron Companion Gloves Iron Companion Sleeves Iron Companion Gauntlets
Iron Companion Legs Iron Companion Boots Iron Companion Greaves
Wolfswood Bond Wolfswood Cloak Wolfswood Mark

Playstation Exclusive Armor

Warlock Hunter Titan
Iron Camelot Hood Iron Camelot Casque Iron Camelot Helm
Iron Camelot Gloves Iron Camelot Grips Iron Camelot Gauntlets
Iron Camelot Bond Iron Camelot Cloak Iron Camelot Mark

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